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Helping Veterans regain purpose while protecting our future children

Mission Statement

Our mission is to utilize our veterans and their skills to give back to our community and to protect our kids in schools.


Julian CrouchJulian Crouch
04:23 21 Dec 22
Vets for kids helps advocate putting our veterans in schools to protect our children. Vets for kids also helps advocate for veteran and first responders mental health. It’s a great organization that vets can turn to for assistance.
Josie, RNJosie, RN
01:37 21 Dec 22
VETSFORKIDS is an amazing organization. The organization has helped so many Veterans, First Responders, Civilians, Victims/Survivors of DV/SA. VETSFORKIDS advocates for Mental Health and is the voice for the voiceless. VETSFORKIDS has helped so many, including myself, and continues to serve our community to keep people safe. The family behind this organization is an amazing team of people who stands up for what is right. Mission to helping put Veterans in our school system to protect our children. VETSFORKIDS needs to be recognized and we appreciate everyone who supports this mission. Let's all support and be the change for the future of our children and come together as one. I Stand with VETSFORKIDS💪🏻🇺🇸♥️🤍💙🇺🇸
Ali MaxwellAli Maxwell
01:15 21 Dec 22
I love the mission behind Vetsforkids and I love my shirt! I wore it through the airport and everyone loved it too. Awesome conversation starter and the shirt is super comfy too so that's an added bonus!
Windie starbuckWindie starbuck
01:06 21 Dec 22
They do amazing work and the people behind the organization are amazing people too!
KDawg 1492KDawg 1492
01:00 21 Dec 22
A awesome organization and awesome merchandise in their online store
Chris Kidd
Chris Kidd
Quick shipping. Awes...
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5 months ago

Protecting our future children

Vets for Kids Inc. is an organization that helps utilize our wonderful veterans and their skills in schools to give back to the community. One of our core goals is to protect our future children from school violence. We help raise awareness for our veterans who have served so that they may regain purpose, willingness, and hope while in the civilian world. We want to bring an end to veteran suicides.

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